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Beth-GreenfieldWelcome Beth Greenfield

A bit about Beth: a little edge, a lot of pizazz!

I am a unique and powerful freelance writer – a Magicmaker, actually. My writing is exciting, engaging and effective. From beauty, skin care and cosmetic dermatology to fashion, health and fitness and weight loss; for real estate, entrepreneurship, lifestyle coaching, marketing services and more, my experience and expertise is vast and versatile.

Whatever your industry, give me your know-how and I’ll polish it. Whoever your customer, let’s reach them, personally…where they live, where you want them. Let’s break the benchmarks on pages viewed, time on site, rate of conversions and returning visitors. Oh, yes, we can! 

Why You NEED Good Copywriting

Today, your website has about 8 seconds to grab your readers before they click off for the competition. With lots of shiny objects filling up the shelves, is your copy turning heads and stopping them in the aisles? Is your business attracting the attention it deserves?

If not, your website needs tweaking. Content is King and a good SEO content writer will not only appeal to your customers but will improve search engine optimization that generates more than 90% of all website traffic! Most of this traffic is first time visitors. New viewers. New customers. New business for you.

JonimacsDesigns now provides this professional copywriting for your website and all your marketing communication collateral. We offer sparkling new content for your specific needs and edit any existing content, already in use. We’ll imbed keywords to boost your page ranking on the search engines and most of all – we will make you shine.

How do we work with our Clients?

First, you talk and we listen. You tell us your business goals, short term, long term; you tell us your wishes. Then we talk and you can breathe. We’ll come back with a strategic plan to position your business as credible, knowledgeable and providing benefits the others can only dream of.

We’ll work with you to identify key words, relevant to your business and industry, and write these words throughout your website. Highlighting your company’s strengths and services, you make your message strong and we’ll make it memorable.

How do you Start?

If you’re ready for increased website traffic, increased company awareness and  increased sales, call JonimacsDesigns and let’s discuss the possibilities.